Corning Transwell Permeable Supports 15341

  • Provide an environment for cells that closely resembles their state
  • Ideal for a variety of cell culture applications—chemotaxis, drug transport, tissue remodeling, and invasion studies
Available in three membrane materials and three pore sizes, these permeable supports satisfy your diverse cell culture requirements. A suspended design prevents media wicking between the insert and the plate well. It also allows for co-culturing without damaging cells attached to the plate's growth surface. Openings in the insert wall permit pipet access to the plate well.
Choose either a polycarbonate (PC), polyester, or PTFE collagen-coated membrane. PC and polyester membranes are cell culture treated for optimal cell attachment. PC membranes are compatible with most organic fixatives and stains. Transparent polyester membranes provide excellent cell visibility, assessment of cell viability, and monolayer formation using phase contrast microscopy.
PTFE collagen-coated membranes are biologically stable and provide a consistent matrix that retains the membrane's porosity. The collagen coating promotes cell attachment and spreading, and allows cells to be viewed while being cultured.
Supports some sterile and preloaded in Cluster plates or dishes.
$189.00 - $448.00USD / Case of 24

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Cluster Plate Size Number Culture Area (cm²) Membrane Material
Availability Pricing
Corning 3412 Permeable Supports, 6-Cluster Plate/0.4um/PC membrane, 24/Cs EW-19480-00 Mfr # 3412
6 4.5 Polycarbonate
$189.00USD / Case of 24
Corning 3428 Permeable Supports, 6-ClusterPlate/8.0um; 24/Cs EW-19480-02 Mfr # 3428
6 4.5 Polycarbonate
$193.00USD / Case of 24
Corning 3401 Permeable Supports, 12-ClusterPlate/0.4um48/Cs EW-19480-03 Mfr # 3401
12 1.1 Polycarbonate
$348.00USD / Case of 48
Corning 3413 Permeable Supports, 24-ClusterPlate/0.4um48/Cs EW-19480-07 Mfr # 3413
24 0.3 Polycarbonate
$321.00USD / Case of 48
Corning 3421 Permeable Supports, 24-ClusterPlate/5.0um, 48/Cs EW-19480-09 Mfr # 3421
24 0.3 Polycarbonate
$321.00USD / Case of 48
Corning 3422 Permeable Supports, 24-ClusterPlate/8.0um; 48/Cs EW-19480-10 Mfr # 3422
24 0.3 Polycarbonate
$321.00USD / Case of 48
Corning 3450 Permeable Supports, 6-ClusterPlate/0.4um/PES; 24/Cs EW-19480-13 Mfr # 3450
6 4.5 Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)
$192.00USD / Case of 24
Corning 3460 Permeable Supports, 12-Cluster Plate  0.4um PES; 48/Cs EW-19480-15 Mfr # 3460
12 1.1 Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)
$340.00USD / Case of 48
Corning 3470 Permeable Supports, 24-ClusterPlate/0.4um/PES; 48/Cs EW-19480-17 Mfr # 3470
24 0.3 Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)
$330.00USD / Case of 48
Corning 3491 Permeable Supports, 6-ClusterPlate/0.4um/PTFE; 24/Cs EW-19480-19 Mfr # 3491
6 4.5 PTFE
$448.00USD / Case of 24
Corning 3493 Permeable Supports, 12-ClusterPlate/0.4um/PTFE; 24/Cs EW-19480-21 Mfr # 3493
12 1.1 PTFE
$423.00USD / Case of 24
Corning 3495 Permeable Supports, 24-ClusterPlate/0.4um/PTFE; 24/Cs EW-19480-23 Mfr # 3495
24 0.3 PTFE
$394.00USD / Case of 24
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