Cole-Parmer StableTemp Vacuum Ovens

Operate at atmospheric pressure or at a vacuum up to 30" Hg
  • Polycarbonate shield protects door glass from shattering
Ideal for carefully controlled processes such as desiccating, vacuum embedding, plating, and semiconductor processing. Control vacuum levels between 0 and 30" Hg. Silicone door gasket and positive door latch assure a tight seal at all vacuum levels. A three-way valve allows easy evacuation, purging, and venting. The front-mounted stainless steel vacuum line fittings accept 1/4" ID tubing.

Radiant warm-wall heat provides excellent temperature uniformity of ±4°>C at 150°>C. Use the dial thermometer to monitor the chamber temperature. Insert other types of probes such as gas and humidity into the two rear 1/4" NPT(F) ports to monitor the internal atmosphere. Built-in overtemperature thermostat protects your samples from overheating. Aluminum shelves provide minimal heat retention, reducing hot spots.

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Capacity (cu ft) Power (VAC)
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0.7 120
$3,595.00USD / Each
0.7 240
$3,795.00USD / Each
2 120
$6,090.00USD / Each
2 240
$6,460.00USD / Each
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